+65 PSV Sandstone

65 PSV sandstone is extracted from our Temple and Ballystockart Quarrys. High PSV sandstone aggregate is primarily exported to Great Britain for use in production of asphalt surface courses.

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+65 PSV Sandstone

Breedon produces +65PSV aggregate in accordance with the following BS EN specifications:

BS EN 13043: 2002 (Coarse Aggregate for Asphalt and Asphalt Concrete)
BS EN 13043: 2002 (Aggregate for Surface Treatment and chippings for rolling into Asphalt)
BS EN 12620: 2002+A1:2008 (Aggregates for Concrete)
Specification of Highway works:
SHW Series 500 (Aggregates for Drainage)
SHW Series 600 (Earthworks and Capping)
SHW Series 800 (Unbound mixtures used in sub–base)

Geology and Physical Properties:

The High Polished Stone Value (PSV) Sandstone extracted from Temple and Ballystockart Quarry was formed 400 million years ago in the Geological period known as the “Silurian”. Grains of Volcanic, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks were eroded by ancient rivers from mountainous areas and deposited into the sea. Depending on the deposition conditions these sedimentary deposits eventually formed the rocks associated with the Silurian period; Greywacke’s, Arenites and Shales. After 400 million years of compaction, heating, cementation, and erosion these rocks are now present in only a few areas of the UK and Ireland. Temple and Ballystockart Quarry iare situated in unique geological area known as the “Longford– Down Massif”, this is a relatively small area where the Silurian rocks can be found in Ireland. The Sandstone at Temple Quarry outcrops in deep bedding planes, and is characterised by its blue / grey colouration.

Our +65PSV Sandstone reserve is specifically classed as a Litharenite; composed of poorly sorted lithic grains pressed against each other with matrix content less than 15%. The particular relationship between the grain and matrix structure forms a “micro surface texture” on the aggregate which is not easily removed, allowing it to achieve +65PSV quality status. Breedon maintain this +65PSV classification with regular external UKAS accredited testing for both UK market under specification of Highway Works series 900 requirements and (Republic of Ireland) NRA IAN 05/13 requirements. Our +65PSV aggregates are CE marked with an extensive range of physical and chemical tests carried out to provide our customers with the relevant physical technical information.

Physical Property Summary (CE Cert GB 04/61574) available on request.

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