Hot Rolled Asphalt

Breedon produces Hot Rolled Asphalt at each of our asphalt plants to BS EN 13108–4 and within the requirements of CE Marking requirements.

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Hot Rolled Asphalt

Hot Rolled Asphalt is a material specified almost exclusively in the UK and Ireland, produced using four components — coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, filler and bitumen. 

The proportions of the four constituents vary depending on the application.  Generally, rolled asphalt mixtures have between 30% and 60% coarse aggregate, most of it from only one size fraction.  The fine aggregate content varies between 20% and 50%. 

The remainder of the mixture is made up of bitumen and limestone filler in approximately equal proportions.  The mixtures with the lowest proportion of coarse aggregate have the highest proportion of bitumen and filler.

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