Breedon operates a network of ready-mixed concrete plants in Northern Ireland, supplying a range of mixes to customers' specifications.

Ready-mixed Concrete

We are able to provide our customers with ready-mixed concrete designed on budget, on time and to meet the highest specifications your project will demand.

We can cater for both large and small contracts, as well as the DIY market - from foundations to high-rise buildings.

Alongside our standard quality-assured mixes, we offer a range of high-performance concretes designed to meet the specific needs of your construction project. 

Home use Concrete
Agricultural Concrete
Industrial Concrete
Rapid Strength Concrete
Heavy Industrial Concrete
Waterproof Concrete
Fibre-reinforced Concrete
Sustainable Concrete
Foamed Concrete

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Ready-mixed concrete

We produce a range of quality certified concrete mixes to meet the demands of a range of markets, including large-scale construction, civil engineering, farming and DIY.

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Concrete Blocks

Breedon operates one of the most modern manufacturing facilities for concrete blocks in the country.

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