Colley Lane Southern Access Road

1km access road designed to provide access to the Colley Lane Industrial Estate in Bridgewater, Somerset

The Colley Lane Southern Access Road (CLSAR) in Bridgewater, Somerset, is a 1km access road designed to provide access to the Colley Lane Industrial Estate from the M5 and the south, avoiding Bridgwater Town Centre. The new carriageway runs generally in a southerly direction from Parrett Way to Marsh Lane with a new roundabout at the Marsh Lane / Showground Road junction.

The key project deliverables consisted of the following:

Extensive site clearance across 5.5 hectares of land, including demolition of existing out-buildings.
Bulk excavation to provide cuttings for road construction and bridge abutments, including the treatment and removal of contaminated cellophane waste soils, clearing of abandoned watercourses, breaking out reinforced concrete slabs and extensive hand digging around tree roots and utility services.
The construction of a new 52m single span structural steel bridge over the River Parrett (River Parrett Bridge) including piled bank seats.
The construction of a new 28m single span precast concrete beam bridge over the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal (Crossways Bridge).
Construction of 1km of new single carriageway road up to 11.0m wide.
Construction of 6 Nr earth retaining structures up to 7.0m high extending over 500m retaining the new carriageway. The earth retaining structures were faced with red rustic brick to match the local aesthetics.
Construction of a new signalised at-grade roundabout at the junction of the Showground Road and Marsh Lane.
The construction of 300m of new carriageway embankment over an existing cellophane waste site as a lightweight embankment solution utilising 10,000m3 of polystyrene blocks
Construction of 4Nr large scale Piled Load Transfer Platforms adjacent to the river and canal banks with a combined volume of 2,000 Nr 450mm dia and 600mm dia CFA piles up to 15m deep.

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