Omagh Hospital

New link road to Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital

This new road was located within the grounds of the existing Tyrone & Fermanagh Hospital which provides acute mental health inpatient services for the Omagh area. The purpose of the new road was to link the existing B158 Donaghanie Road to the Crevenagh Road (adjacent to Drumragh Integrated College) to provide access to the new Omagh Enhanced Local Hospital.

The project was completed on behalf of the Northern Ireland Health Estates Investment Group, procured under the NEC3 Option B Form of contract with design and project management undertaken by Doran Consulting. It was completed in accordance with the Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works for final adoption by Transport NI.


The project included:

Completion of 55,000m3 of bulk excavations of which 24,000m3 was cut to fill to form road embankments. At the outset we carried out trial pit excavations to plan and optimise the cut/fill.

Construction of a 90m long three span bridge over the river Camowen.

Substructure work included 2 nr abutments and 2nr central piers founded in the river channel. Foundations included 200 nr 750mm dia. CFA piles bored to depths of 15m with piles socketed 3m deep into rock. River piers work required permanent sheet piles to form cofferdams, for constructing the reinforced concrete base which was 2m below normal river bed level. On completion of the piers extensive rock armouring was placed above the RC base and the sheet piles were trimmed at river bed level.
Superstructure works consisted of 45 nr Y6 precast bridge beams weighing 30T each placed by a 300T mobile crane. Deck soffit structure was formed using GRP permanent panels and finished with a reinforced in-situ concrete deck slab, waterproofed and completed with asphalt surface. Parapet edge beams were created using a cantilever form-work system and completed with asphalt surface. Parapet edge beams were created using a cantilever form-work system and completed with 180m of N2W2 bridge parapet barrier.

Installation of 16,500m2 of a 150mm layer of Type 1 sub base and a 300mm layer of class 6F2 capping to the new carriageway.

Laying of 16,500m2 of new carriageway surfacing to a total thickness of 280mm

Laying of 6,500m2 of new footway/cycleway surfacing to a total thickness of 75mm

Temporary traffic management design, installation and removal, which included the construction of a temporary asphalt road to enable uninterrupted access to the existing administration buildings and car parks for the duration of the project. This enabled us to reduce the programme by two months, minimise disruption, and facilitated access for other hospital contractors. All TTM was delivered in-house led by our site based Traffic Safety and Control Officer.

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